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With an education in marketing management and experience writing promotional brochures for group insurance products, Karen has always enjoyed putting pen to paper and nding the best words to convey a message to an audience. She appreciates how her real estate work re ects the purest form of sales and marketing, working on the front lines to create buzz around the properties she’s selling. Karen has a natural ability to write captivating and concise property descriptions, a product of her knowledge and experience of what best entices potential buyers. Let Karen Nolan’s marketing sensibilities, compelling writing and unparalleled level of service attract the right attention to your home. 


A resident of Ajax for over 25 years, Karen has rooted her family of ve in this vibrant, growing community. She is an esteemed real estate agent in the Durham Region and GTA, and as an expert in her immediate neighbourhood, Karen is regarded as a reputable and respected resource for other realtors to reach out to. Even though they’re competitors, Karen will assist and advise top-selling agents unfamiliar with the area on issues like the pricing of properties. Similarly at the gym, Karen’s dedication to tness has rubbed off on her fellow gym-goers and group classmates who look to her as a role model. Karen Nolan feels it’s her duty and obligation to help others – even competitors – achieve the same ambitious goals she sets for herself.


Each Monday to Friday, without fail, Karen Nolan makes time in her day to hit the gym. She started working out a few years ago, reaching her initial goal to lose 20 pounds and continuing to visit the gym and maintain the healthy physique she’d attained. It’s just one demonstration of Karen’s dedication and discipline, putting her full effort into anything she sets her mind to. She applies the same mentality to her work in real estate, understanding her client’s goals and pulling out all the stops in order to satisfy their needs when buying or selling a home.

Let Karen Nolan’s disciplined and dedicated approach to work and life help you to get the results you want. Karen won’t just stick a sign in your lawn and disappear – she’ll be right alongside you every step of the way through this challenging and exciting phase of your life. 


With her extensive experience, Karen is aware of the unique subtleties of each neighbourhood in the Durham region and GTA, as well as the characteristics of each house she sells. Far from cookie-cutter, Karen assesses the situation at hand to deploy a customized, tailored approach. Recognizing that time is often her client’s most precious commodity, Karen and her team take care of all the details, whether it’s staging a home or connecting you to the right contractors, home inspection providers and resources for mortgages. Karen is also empathetic towards the differing wants and needs of each individual and family she works with. Whether you’re looking for a twice-a-day phone update or a weekly email, Karen Nolan will work to understand the ideal approach best suited to your needs. 

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