FREE Home Staging with Karen

FREE Home Staging Karen NolanI am strongly convinced that a “staged” home will attract more interest from Buyers and sell for a higher price in a shorter time than a home that is not staged. I consider full home staging to be an essential service and offer it for free when clients list their home with me.

Not all “staging” is equal.  You must ask every Sales Representatives that you interview what exactly their staging services entail.  Some may include only a staging consultation, and others may provide minimal decorative accessories or simply rearrange the existing items in the home. 

Knowing the scope of the staging and what goals are to be accomplished with the staging is key to determining which sales professional you want on your side. Also ask if there is any additional cost to the home seller.  Often, the consult is free and the homeowner is asked to pay for the actual home staging labour and rental props.

My staging is comprehensive and customized to fit unique needs. There are absolutely no additional costs involved to my clients.  My goal with each home that I stage is to create an environment that showcases the home’s best features as if it were a “model show home”.

All of my staging efforts will encompass elements of what today’s buyer desires to see in a home.  My team and I work tirelessly to deliver a perfectly staged home every time!

Contact me today to learn more about this crucial step in prepping your home to sell!

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